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ScoopFX Music Tuition School
is situated in Sydney's North West and comprises
Roxanne Kiely and her husband, Stephen Kiely.

Both are accomplished singers and performers who bring a wealth of knowledge to their lessons in vocal development, piano, guitar and bass guitar in one-on-one lessons.

Their teaching abilities have been recognised by the Music Teachers Association Of NSW. Roxanne has gained accreditation in vocal teaching as well as songwriting, while Stephen has gained accreditation as a teacher of piano, guitar, bass guitar and songwriting. Having these combined teaching skills brings a broader education to the student, whether they be studying one instruments, or combined disciplines.

Roxanne is well known in Sydney, having taken individual students and 30-group classes for many years. Many of today's singing stars have been taught how to get the best from their voices via Roxanne's method.
Conservatorium-trained in theory and guitar, Roxanne takes students in both these disciplines as well.

Roxanne has recently become an author of a childrens picture story book, Busy Izzy and Friends, which features a 6-track CD of fun and energetic songs. Follow the link for more info...

Stephen is a versatile and widely educated musician and singer. His teaching method moves effortlessly between piano, guitar, bass and the theory which binds them together.
Stephen began his musical education as a classical pianist, and is self-taught in the areas of pop, rock, country, jazz and blues-based piano and guitar.

Teaching his students to recognise the basic structures which define a musical style is the guiding force behind his method. Stephen is able to delve into the most complex pieces to reveal the simple formulas which govern tunes as diverse as Beethoven's sonatas to Monk's 20th century jazz-based folk music.
Stephen Kiely

Piano tuition

Bass tuition
  • Roxanne has vocal students in one-on-one lessons daily.
  • Her students have included current stars, such as Delta Goodrem, Sarah Blasko and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.
  • Find out more about Roxanne on her website
  • Stephen takes students at various levels of development on piano, guitar and bass guitar.
  • Chord and inversion knowledge, as well as basic through to complex music theory.
  • Find out more about Stephen on his website
  • Both Roxanne and Stephen currently perform live around New South Wales. They are both published songwriters and bring a wealth of knowledge of this craft to their lessons.
  • Find out more about the association Roxanne co-founded in 1997,
Having worked professionally in the music industry for many years, our tutors in vocal development, piano, guitar and bass guitar bring a wealth of experience to their one-on-one lessons.

However, experience is only one facet of the many assets these tutors possess. Most important is the ability to read where you are as a student, and chart a course which enables you to comprehend the basics of your chosen instrument, and expand upon it.

Each instrument, whether it's your vocal chords, guitar, piano or bass requires an individual approach to an understanding of it, and how to achieve the best with it. At ScoopFX we endeavour to achieve the absolute best results for you, whether it's a particular song you want to master, or a longer tem goal of a complete education on your preferred instrument.

Creative Development
Here at ScoopFX, we not only offer personal tuition in vocal, guitar, piano and bass guitar, we understand that proficiency as a vocalist or instrumentalist is necessary to realise success within the greater world of the entertainment industry.

Creative Development is the term Roxanne and Stephen use to describe the process whereby you are coached, not only in the development of the particular talent you have, but also in incorporating that talent into a wider spectrum of necessary disciplines.
  • Musical style: Which is the right "sound" for you to project?
  • Songwriting: We have a group of talented and proficient songwriters at ScoopFX. One or more of them may have already written the perfect song for you, or perhaps you'd like to become part of the songwriting process.
  • Production: Once your song has been written, it needs to be recorded and distributed to local and international sources who are constantly on the lookout for a potential hit song. ScoopFX has a competent studio, capable of producing a quality demo to feature your talent.
  • Stage: How to "project" yourself on stage. Stance, movement, what works, and what does not...
  • Camera technique: How to engage and interact with the camera.
Whether you are looking to develop only one of these facets, or the complete package, you'll find us open and ready to discuss your future, and using our expertise to help you achieve it.

to discuss how we can help you realise your goals.

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