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Roxanne and Stephen launched Songsalive! Australia in May, 2011, even though the organisation has been going strong in Australia, and around the world, since 1997 when Roxanne co-founded it, here in Sydney.

An organisation of songwriter volunteers, Songsalive! Australia's goal is to help and encourage fellow songwriters with the challenges we face taking an idea to its musical conclusion, then, hopefully, taking it as far as it can go into the commercial world of the music industry.

How do we go about doing this? Check out the website to find out the specific projects the organisation undertakes, but briefly Songsalive! Australia helps songwriters via:

  • Monthly workshops
    • Sydney city workshops are held on the first Tuesday of the month at Sydney TAFE, Ultimo, to workshop song ideas, and sometimes to listen to a guest speaker from the music industry.
    • Parramatta workshops are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Connect Studio 4, 152 Church St Parramatta

    The most popular part of the Workshops though, are the song critiques, when members play songs they have written, either live on guitar, or on CD or mp3, and the song becomes analysed, discussed, taken apart and put back together, hopefully in such a way that the composer is given insight and motivation toward making the song better.

  • Showcases - Since the beginning, Songsalive! has held Showcases in cities around Australia and beyond. The venues may change, but the concept remains the same. Songsalive! Australia members perform a set of original songs, which may mean two songs or ten, while the audience see a variety of performers without the pressure of the commercial gig.
  • CD samplers - So far, we've produced 11 samplers of songs by Songsalive! members. Lots of great songs, and there are more to come.
There are many more exciting projects planned for the future, so if you're a songwriter, or would like to know more about how songwriters actually do their thing, talk to Stephen or Roxanne about Songsalive! Australia, and maybe plan to come to a workshop and see first hand how it works.

From the Songsalive! Australia website:

We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers, with one aim, which is to help Australian songwriters achieve the success they are seeking, whether it be creative, commercial or a combination of the two.

We run projects and workshops to help educate those who have the desire to create songs, but are searching for guidance with the craft, and live showcases for the singer/songwriter, who is looking to present songs in a friendly atmosphere, without the pressure of a long and pressured gig.

In conjunction with our partners and affiliates, we are looking to provide members with opportunities beyond the parameters of most songwriting organisations. Connection with areas of the industry, such as audio and video production houses which are looking for original Australian compositions.

We are ambitious with this vision. With the development of PayTV and digital radio and television, the time is ripe for Australian music, and there are so many talented songwriters and composers in this country who need encouragement, education, some like-minded people with whom to discuss, critique and collaborate, so as to realise their own goals, and in the process, lay the groundwork for the future culture of this country via its music and the airwaves and stages it will be heard through.

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