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Marlisa Punzulan thanks Roxanne and Stephen Kiely

Christie Lamb thanks Roxanne Kiely

Caitlin Harnett thanks Roxanne Kiely

Marlisa Punzulan thanks Roxanne and Stephen Kiely

Delta Goodrem thanks Roxanne Kiely

CHaley warner thanks Roxanne Kiely

Jordana Beatty thanks Roxanne Kiely

Marlisa Punzulan thanks Roxanne and Stephen Kiely
Hi Roxanne,

Just a short email to thank you for everything that you have done for Rachael so far. You are an inspiration to her and I know she loves you very much and so do I.

Lisa xxx
( Lisa Fahim ) 9.10.2010

Roxanne is an inspirational teacher who has helped me develop as a song writer. Her patient encouragement; thoughtful analysis and technical verse and musical expertise; and creative approach to songwriting are exceptional and second to none..

Roxanne has an outstanding ability to make each lesson so stimulating and enjoyable and this has directly led to my personal songwriting and singing journey being such a fulfilling one.

Robert Fritchley

Since beginning singing tuition with Roxanne Kiely who runs and own ScoopFX Music Tuition, with her husband Stephen Kiely, I am amazed at how much better I am singing on so many levels. Fair enough that may sound cliched - but I am a male vocalist who has been performing professionally for over 10 years and have had singing lessons from well known & established singing teachers the entire time. Only now (finally) am I seeing results I wish I had been having 10 years ago.

My family are all musically inclined and after even the 2nd and 3rd lesson, they commented on how enjoyable it was to hear me start singing as I was. It is honestly all because of Roxanne and her method. I have her CD's in the car and practise for maybe 20 minutes a day and am able to complete numbered exercises that are over double what I could reach on my initial lesson.

I have been seeing Roxanne for a weekly lesson for approx. 2 months now and have progressed more in that time, than I did with all my previous lessons from other vocal teachers put together.

Words can really not describe just how impressed I am with both her and my progression.

Josh Barker (Inakin)

Steve EdmondsHi, I'm Steve Edmonds.

I have played guitar professionally for over three decades, touring and recording with many national and international artists, such as Delta Goodrem, Shannon Noll, Jimmy Barnes, Human Nature, Doug Parkinson, Richard Clapton, Australian Idol Band (Series one) and so on.

I have known Roxanne Kiely for many years in a variety of different capacities.
Throughout she has always made an impeccable impression of professionalism, personal credibility and, of course, friendship.

Over the years many acquaintances and professional relationships come and go. Few make any lasting (if favourable) impression at all. Recently starting a solo career, I had reluctantly sought singing lessons and it was through the professional experience of working with Roxanne years earlier that I had remembered her.

After "singing" for many years I had developed nodules on my vocal chords and sought relief before immminent surgery. From lesson (actually minute) one, Roxanne identified the problem and rectified my vocal technique.

My singing has shown incredible improvement to the point that my fellow musicians, management, family, audience and those closest to me have all expressed their approval, bewilderment and often disbelief.

My weekly singing lesson is now a major part of my professional life and regime. I look forward to it with great enthusiasm and I'm never disappointed upon leaving.

I can proudly endorse Roxanne Kiely as a teacher and artist with great confidence. Her knowledge and state of the art techniques will no doubt create stars of the future and help them to avoid vocal health problems synonymous with the art of singing.

Steve Edmonds

I sang professionally in the 1960's and took vocal coaching from Hubert Milverton-Carter, who, at that time was a prominent vocal teacher in Auckland New Zealand.

That was a long time ago and the techniques I learned then were not the same as your own, nor in my opinion, as advanced.

Seven months ago, when I first came to you, I had not sung professionally for 35 years. Although our journey is not over, I can say that achieving placement in the grand finals of Sydney's toughest popular-music singing contests, has pleased me greatly.

This achievement is in major part, attributable to your talent and skill as a teacher.
Offers of professional work as an entertainer are a regular occurrence for me now.

Thank you Roxanne.


I have been seeing Roxanne Kiely now for about 9 months.

When I first started with Roxanne I had been to various teachers but after 1 lesson no other teacher compared.

Roxanne has an enormous gift for teaching and her vocal technique is amazing, in a very short period of time she has managed to totally transform my voice. She is a real gift to the music business.

She has been a massive support to our band and me personally.

Aaron Carruthers ( Inakin )

“Stephen's talent is incredibly natural. Of course elements of music may be simple to him but he assures me every week it is only a matter of getting my mind around it to achieve it which implements great belief in myself to work hard at it.

Not only can Stephen play any song from just hearing it, but the way he relates to his students on various levels and creates a way for them to achieve various elements of learning an instrument, is what makes him a great teacher.

He is pushing me to be exactly the piano player I want to be, but it is also technique that I can use in composition and even to support my singing. Name a style and Stephen will provide the support, the positive attitude and the skills that have need on your way to success”

Krystal Hyland - 0404 833 206

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to serve as a reference on behalf of Roxanne Kiely who has been my daughter's vocal teacher for over 12 months now.

During the time Jaime Leigh has been tutored by Roxanne her vocal ability has developed considerably and is continually improving.. Jaime Leigh began vocal lessons nine years ago when she was eight years old. Due to her natural ability her vocal abilities developed but seemed to remain at a particular level rather then improve. She was unable to reach high notes without going into "head voice".

I believe she is now being taught correctly and if she is unwell she does not do her lesson as Roxanne shows genuine concern for her health.

Jaime Leigh used to be limited to particular songs due to her vocal range but now is able to sing any song she desires as her range was extended within the first two weeks of lessons with Roxanne and continues to extend continually.

Most recently Jaime has widened her abilities to songwriting and is having lessons with Stephen Kiely who is as dedicated and knowledgeable as Roxanne.

We could not be happier or more satisfied with Roxanne and would highly recommend her as a singing teacher and Jaime Leigh intends to remain a student of hers for as long as she requires tuition throughout her future career in the music industry.

Kelly Barsley

I have been having lessons from Stephen Kiely in blues piano.

I did learn up to grade seven classical when I was young. I played piano in assemblies as a teacher, completed a grad diploma in primary music and taught at Forte music school for five years. Two years ago I tried a course in blues and jazz at the conservatorium, but I found it too complicated for what I want. I felt there was too much emphasis on precise intervals, voicing, theory etc.

I was looking for a teacher who could teach me enough to enable me to play the blues songs I like to sing and decided to try Stephen Kiely at Castle Hill.

I like the way he can listen to a song, work out the key, chord progressions and transcribe the patterns so I can understand and learn it.

He is a gifted musician with an innate teaching ability.

Not everyone has time to learn music the traditional way. I think Stephen has a method that inspires his students. Music is more than learning to read strings of notes from a page.


Roxanne Kiely has a wealth of knowledge and experience upon which she draws as a singing teacher. I would recommend her to any person who wants to sing or who already sings, be it the amateur or the professional. She is the ideal coach to have when preparing for a live performance, or in a recording studio.

By process of always striving for perfection in herself, which in effect extends to her students, Roxanne has the rare ability to detect improper technique that could have otherwise taken the individual years to even notice, and the patience and skills required to work with the student to correct the problem.

Roxanne has the expertise to cater to all ages as well as a wide range of musical abilities, styles and preferences. She is well-liked, and she is needed and appreciated by all of her students to help them achieve their goals and their dreams.


I found Stephen Kiely at ScoopFX through the website while searching for a piano teacher in Sydney's north west area.

Since beginning lessons with him earlier this year, I feel I have developed a more thorough understanding of chord relationships. This has been qyite a revelation for me, having come from a classical background, which is not really a chord-based musical discipline.

I would recommend Stephen's method of teaching to any piano student, regardless of their level of musical education.

Simon Lehrer

Before coming to Roxanne Kiely, I was with another teacher for 4 years, during which time I suffered a sore throat, to the point of even losing my voice completely after I would sing.

After one lesson with Roxanne she taught me how to use my voice correctly. I now no longer suffer with a sore throat.

Roxanne has taught me so much more in 9 months than what I learnt in the previous four years. My vocal range and projection of my voice has extended hugely. She has also given me confidence, and her encouragement and commitment to me and all her students is ongoing.

To me this is what a teacher is all about, so thank you Roxanne.


"I have never played an instrument and have always battled to start because I thought I would never learn my scales because I didn't know the notes on the piano.

After lessons with Stephen Kiely, learning the 2212221 method: I picked it up straight away and was able to go home and practise by myself and actually remember what was taught in his class.

Chords are become more easier and I can work them out by myself. I really enjoy this method as I am late starter and not having a lot of time this is the best way to learn."

Daniela Taliangis

Vocal tuition I had tried other teachers before, but since I started lessons with Roxanne I haven't looked back. Roxanne was able to transform my voice from a tiny screech into a voice that I can stand on stage confidently with.
The best part is that I know I still have so much to gain from her. Roxanne has not stopped at anything to try and help me be the best I can be, her dedication is beyond my expectations of a teacher.

Not only has Roxanne been a great teacher, she is also one of the nicest people I know to me and all of her students.


I have noticed a huge difference in my range, a much richer tone quality and greater control of my voice after only a couple of months of working with Roxanne.

Other people are also commenting on the big improvement in my sound. I find that the exercises are easy to follow and work absolute wonders.

Thank you Roxanne.

Jo Young

Bass tuition I have been in lessons with Steve for 1 day a week for about 18 months. He taught me the notes and what chords they go with. He has taught me how to put in extra notes and leading up notes.
He has taught me heaps of songs too like
  • Sunshine of Your Love
  • Wild Thing
  • Smoke on the Water
  • Walking on the Moon
  • Love Me Do
  • My Sharona
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • Is she really going out with him
  • Bell Bottom Blues
  • John Butler Trio songs
  • Batehovens Sympathy No. 9 (sic)
  • Some of Steve's own songs
    And more!!!

    We have also made up our own songs with him and done a recording.

    Jack Malone

I've been to singing lessons with Roxanne for almost two and a half years and I'm very grateful to Roxanne for her enthusiasm, passion and her encouragement! Not only am I a much more confident singer, but my vocal range has extended, my pitch control has improved and my love and enjoyment of singing has increased highly! I look forward to every Saturday morning when I know that I'll be singing again! I owe alot to Roxanne who has helped me achieve many goals!


If you want to know about the I IV V and VI minor progressions and how many songs are based on them, Stephen Kiely at ScoopFX teaches this.

He will allow you to bring your own songs, or a song you have chosen, to learn to play the instrument of your choice.

In my case it is the guitar, but as he is a fine piano player, he is able to show you how chords are built and progressions made via the piano or guitar.

I started as a beginner. Stephen has a basic chord course which suited me, and still does, but we do not always stick to the course as there are a lot of musical avenues we are able to explore based on my questions and his ability to put things into context.

Sue Pritchard

"I am a young guitar student of Stephen's, and have been going to his classes for almost 2 years and have learnt a lot from him.

Stephen has helped me with my progression with guitar and music theory and I am amazed with how much he has taught me about guitar and music theory"

David Jadrijevic

Hi, my name is Daniel

I play guitar in a hip hop / rock band called a broken silence. During the first couple of years playing together as a band we looked for a singer to do melodic vocals. By the time we had written our first album we were too late so we just collaborated with singers from other bands. I made several attempts at singing up until the first album was recorded. I was so bad that one time my fellow band mates conned me into getting into the booth to have a go at vocal parts whilst secretly recording me with a handy cam to show anyone who wasn't at the studio how funny it was!

I went to several teachers up until last year but never progressed....until I met Roxanne!

From day one I improved dramatically. I have had lessons every fortnight since that first day and every fortnight there is a massive improvement. Over the last year of lessons I realised that the reason I was improving so much was not only because of Roxanne's incredible ability and professionalism as a teacher but also because Roxanne genuinely wanted to see me succeed too. She is very passionate about her work and I think that's what makes her so good at what she does. We are now recording our second LP in which I do all the melodic vocals. I compared our latest recording to the video the guys recorded in the booth that day in the studio two years ago and the difference is unbelievable! To all those people who think they just don't have a singing voice .. Go and see Roxanne!

Daniel Bartulovich

I have been receiving tuition from Stephen Kiely for about 6 months. I learnt classical piano receiving an A.Mus.A in 1978. My keen interest has been to develop improvisation skills using Jazz harmonisations, an area that is not covered in the normal A.Mus.A syllabus.

My teaching requirement from Steve was simple: Help me play differently to my current (classical) style.

Steve has been amicably flexible and adaptable to my needs. As he is a performer himself, I feel very confident in his musical direction. He has an incredible ear, and an exceptional ability to pick out the essence of many musical styles, score them, and focus on key elements to aid students in performance. I play by ear, and his extensive array of on-line music, aided with lead sheets suits me perfectly.

Steve also has the rare gift of being able to accurately score music from live performances. The lack of modern music in commercially available scores has been a life long frustration for me, and Steve's ability to "fill in the gaps" and add the richness back into scores is fantastic. So when my ear "fails", Steve is able to analyse and score the music as required.

It was great for me to have a goal to perform in the School's concert last year and a big confidence boost after a long period away from the keyboard. I think it is an important part of any music school to allow students to hear each other and to develop (or my case rekindle) the love of performance.

Steve has also written some original compositions, and it has also been a thrill to learn one of these and to hear him perform this same composition live. He is immensely flexible in styles on the keyboard, but also a competent guitarist. It's also invaluable in lessons occasionally for him to switch instruments, and accompany me on the keyboard.

Most of all Steve is fun to work with.
He generates great enthusiasm for the task at hand, and it is always a pleasure to have my lessons!

Grant Carter
MB. BS., M. Biomed. E., A. Mus. A


My 16 year old daughter Caitlin started vocal tuition with Roxanne Kiely in Feb 2006. Caitlin's voice had been developing nicely over a number of years but in the last 6 months we have seen remarkable improvements in her vocal range, quality and breathing.

At recent performances many people have commented how much more powerful her voice has become. Roxanne's suggestions for performance techniques have been invaluable and have given Caitlin so much more confidence. Over the years Caitlin has tried many different vocal exercises, but Roxanne’s method produces results. I don't have to remind her to do them, she wants to, because she can see real improvement.

With Roxanne it's not just the vocal tuition, it's the enthusiasm, the supportive, encouraging style, not only from Roxanne, but from her partner Stephen, who is ready to help and give advice when needed. We feel so fortunate to be students of ScoopFX.

Kim Harnett


Dear Stephen,

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for Nicholas during the past year that we have been living in Sydney.

Nicholas had never formally played guitar when he came to you for his first lesson. At no time did he feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of him. In fact from the first lesson he was inspired by the professional setting of your studio and your expectations of him.

He always felt that you moved at a pace that allowed him enough time to be comfortable with what he had learned before moving on to something new. I certainly knew that your expectation was that he needed to practice so that you could move on in order that he felt like he was ‘getting somewhere’. And I appreciated the times when you told him he was not practicing enough.

Nicholas loves his music and he used to tell me about the conversations you had about different artists and what type of music he wanted to play. I also appreciated the effort you went to, to engage with him and inspire him to try harder – which wasn’t always easy with a 13 year old boy.

It will be hard to find a replacement for you now that we are back in the US but I do know that Nicholas is off to a fabulous start. We thank you and would not hesitate to recommend you as a thoroughly professional, talented teacher of guitar.

Kindest Regards,

Trish and Barry Paul

Roxanne is the best singing teacher I've ever been to.

I have always had a natural singing voice when I was growing up, but after five years of singing professionally with it, it suddenly vanished.

I was noticed by a manager connected to Virgin Records in 2001 but I had no choice but to dismiss it because my voice wasn't with me anymore.

I went to seven singing teachers from 1998 to 2004 and not one of them did me any good. They just told me they had given up on me. So I gave up singing myself and just left it as a memory.

I had given up with the singing teacher I had before Roxanne. And that made me stop singing, putting my dreams behind me...

Then one day she rang where I used to work and (silly me talking to strangers about my problems) I was talking to a singing teacher named Roxanne.. I told her my situation and she said that she had an appointment free and that she could see me and maybe help me.

That next day, I went to her thinking she had no chance of helping me, but I was wrong. She knew exactly what was wrong when I was singing, and described everything in detail of what I had been doing wrong.

During the first month I noticed my voice changing, with the unique exercises she had given me to sing and the commitment that this strong woman had, she had a great impact on me. People used to have trouble hearing what I would say when I was singing, but she trained it and she made me sound clearer.

My voice was very soft when I first started, but after only three months it had become much more powerful and clear.

She even told me how to breathe correctly, something other teachers had failed to communicate to me successfully. I always used to sing in the wrong place to the point that my throat used to strain and hurt when I sang, but she taught me how to "place" my voice correctly.

Roxanne is my secret weapon and I thank God every day that I have met this angel. She is the best singing teacher.

Three years later I'm finally recording my own songs that have been with me since I was twelve, thanks to her... I'm so happy and I owe it all to Roxanne.

I don't ever want to lose her, she is a gift and she is the best singing teacher. Roxanne is somebody who is dedicated and who cares about you and your voice, Roxanne is the greatest singing teacher I've ever been to.

I couldn't go to anybody else.

They are the best screaming / singing lessons I've ever been to... (lol)

Miss Maggie B


At first my daughter resisted the idea of having piano lessons especially as it involves having to practice the skills. Lara's initial lessons with Stephen were often trying and getting through the lesson was a challenge. Lara's age was one factor contributing to the behaviour, as she was nine years old when she began having lessons with Stephen and the other factor is that she is blind.

Stephen is a gentle man who respected Lara's difficulties and took the challenge head on. When all that Lara wanted to do was to test her boundaries Stephen found ways of bringing her back into focus.

Shortly after we began the lessons I gave Stephen a challenge, which, in hindsight can only be regarded as a credit to his expertise and professionalism. The challenge was to teach Lara to play the music to a song and perform it along with her singing, at an audition to a performing arts high school. There was only a short amount of time and if Lara was focussed it would have been achievable but as she tends to digress in the lessons it was a bit of a concern whether the goal was going to be met. It was at this time that Stephen's magic came into play and had Lara straying less, concentrating more, grasping the skills and having fun at the same time. Lara's audition time came and she was ready. Even Lara was surprised with her achievement. From an outsider's point of view I really admired Stephen's ability to adapt the teaching method into verbal cues rather than the visual, due to Lara's vision impairment. Lara is also a gifted student with her perfect pitch ability and so Stephen utilises this as a tool in the method of teaching he is using with Lara.

Practicing the piano is no longer a chore and Lara loves her piano lessons. Stephen's vast knowledge of musical instruments and the technology he has set up adds another dimension to the student's learning. The student can play along side other instruments that Stephen adds to the sound system and sound like band. The imagination is let to explore sounds in ways not achievable elsewhere for the vast majority of the students. This means the students get to have fun too.

We have a line up of songs for Lara to learn on the piano and through learning these new songs her skills are also growing, thanks to Stephen Kiely.

I have no hesitation in referring students to Stephen for music tuition. His teaching achieves good results"

Antoinette Nakhle


Since taking singing lessons with Roxanne Kiely, I have learnt so much. Within weeks I have been able to sing with no strain on my throat, meaning no pain.
My passion and enjoyment for singing has returned, and all thanks to her technique.

It is fantastic!

Christina Hampton

We have been attending vocal training with Roxanne for the last 6 months. Over this time we have both achieved noticeable improvements in both pitch and range, which has helped to fill out our band’s sound.

Vocal tuition Roxanne has made learning to sing an enjoyable experience, and although tough at times, the results are proof that she is a fantastic teacher. We would recommend Roxanne to singers at any stage of their careers.

Mal Green and Darrell Milton from SPACER


Piano tuition Coming from a predominantly classical background, I've wanted to enhance my understanding of contemporary styles such as Jazz / Blues for some time.

With that in mind I approached Stephen Kiely in March 2004 after searching for piano tuition on the internet.

Stephen's practical and energetic approach has helped me expand my knowledge of both chord structure and progression, whilst also adding several new songs and styles to my musical vocabulary.

Not only does Stephen have a sound grasp of the concepts that he teaches, but he can easily use examples to illustrate his point from his vast repertoire of musical numbers.

Geoff Koch


Alaina Bodley has been attending singing lessons under Roxanne's tuition for the last 10 to 11 months. She started singing at 10 years of age and had had no previous experience or lessons.

Alaina first began singing struggling to reach most notes as her voice was very airy and husky. After an examination from an ENT specialist it was noticed that she was close to getting nodules on her vocal chords. Roxanne encouraged Alaina to practise projecting her voice forward and use the correct voice placement techniques in order to not damage her young vocal chords. In time, with lessons just once a week, Alaina's voice has improved tremendously.

Recently Alaina has sung songs with relative ease which in the past she struggled to get through. I am extremely pleased with her progress and she is very pleased with herself as well." -

Nathalie Bodley


I have been a student of Roxanne Kiely's for seven months now.
In that time I have found that my singing voice has become stronger and fuller. Roxanne's patience and perseverance is amazing.

I have had two other teachers in the past and can now honestly say I had wasted three years of my life. With Roxanne I have learnt so much. She is not only a great teacher but really cares about her students.

I have recommended Roxanne to many of my friends without hesitation.

Jose Annette Vergis


Vocal tuition Roxanne Kiely is a singing teacher among singing teachers. Her highly energetic and motivational style of teaching is a breath of fresh air.

I liken her to a personal trainer for athletes, as she is very informative, and every lesson is jam packed and very personalised to help each student excell. Her lively and fun personality immediately puts you at ease and her honest encouragement and advice are some of the secrets to Roxanne's success.

She draws from her own extensive experience to give it all in each lesson for every aspect of singing and performing, and she always gives more of herself than you expect.

My own experience with Roxanne has seen to dramatic improvements with my vocal range and quality and most recently my performing skills. She is excellent at preparing you for a performance with very simple and precise advise, as well as being very supportive of her students outside the studio, using her free time to come out to gigs to watch her students perform whenever she can.

I am extremly happy with having Roxanne as my singing teacher and hope that I can continue to see her for many years to come.

Shilo Khader


To whoever,

Steve has been teaching my brother and me for about 18 months. He has taught us many songs and helped us with all the theory. My skill has increased dramatically since I started lessons with Steve.

Steve has also been helping me with writing music and composing my own songs and thanks to him I have recorded 2 demo songs which are pretty damn good.

My brother and I will continue our lessons until we can't afford it any more.

Paddy Malone


Roxanne Kiely is a vocal tutor incomparable to any other. Her extensive portfolio of experience is effectively demonstrated in her lessons. Her meticulous nature means that no aspect is left unattended when producing accomplished and well-rounded performers.

During her lessons she exudes an enthusiasm which is reflected by her pupils. From a year and a half's worth of personal experience, I have found Roxanne and her teaching methods to be a rare find.

I began my lessons with Roxanne as a shy, inexperienced 16 year old and Roxanne has trained my voice as well as improved my confidence which I was able to harness in various solo performances; a feat which would not have been accomplished without her constant guidance and support in and outside of the classroom.

Under Roxanne's wing, I have noticed my vocal ability improve on a week by week basis. Roxanne is not only a teacher but a friend and I am most grateful to call her mine.

Francine Triffett


Both of my sons have been learning the guitar with Stephen Keily for about 18 months now. They go for an hours lesson each, every week. They rarely miss a lesson unless we are away and often will have combined lessons where the three of them can play together.

Paddy had a few different teachers prior to Stephen but as he did not seem to be learning anything or taking much interest, we had terminated those lessons. Now he is learning the guitar - rhythm, notes, chords, bit of lead - and has now taken music as a subject in his senior years at high school. He also would like to search for a career within the music industry. He has shown a huge increase in interest since starting with Stephen and his ability to play has amazingly grown in that time. He continually pumps out new tunes he has written.

Jack is learning bass guitar from Stephen. He also has excelled since starting his lessons as prior to this he had never laid hands on any instrument. He too has really got the feel for the bass and can play anything that I put in front of him now.

I myself came from a musical family and previously performed semi professionally for some years but now both of my sons play with me, which is a lot of fun, and also now play every Sunday in our church.

We've have been really lucky to find Stephen. The boys write songs with him and enjoy his teaching and his company.

Suzanne Malone

I have been learning piano for approximately 4 months. Stephen's approach to teaching a contemporary style has enabled me to gain a greater understanding of chord structures by breaking down what seem to be complex songs, into something a lot simpler, then building from there.

In such a short time I am able to play full songs!

I'm not only learning piano technique, but my music theory is improving a long the way!

Marissa Maait

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