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Bass bridgeThe bass guitar plays an integral part in the sound of a band. Together with drums/percussion, it is the driving instrument, providing the rhythmic bed of the modern song.

Learn the rudiments of bass playing, pick and finger style, time signatures, keys.
It's not all TAB, y'know... Professional bass players know their charts, and you can too with a little application.
Beginners are welcome!

You'll receive a thorough education about the fretboard, reading music and TAB, as well as useful tips to about sound production: string deadening, palming.

Combining scales, modes, chords and songs which incorporate all these elements means that you don't get bored with continually dealing with just one aspect of learning bass guitar.

Bring along the song you've always wanted to learn. We'll work it out, learn to play it, meanwhile learning some other valuable musical lessons on the way.

Stephen and Shane Have you ever sat down with a piece of music, played the bass notes of the chords and wondered why it doesn't sound like the original? Maybe it has to do with the scale variations which colour a piece of music.

How about those added stylistic sounds which feature say in a country song, or an old rocker? These are the gems of information which allow you to really improve your playing ability, knowledge of thory and practice.

to discuss how we can work together to help you realise your goals.

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